LETTERHEADS 2018 is now SOLD OUT and registrations are closed - Thanks to all of those who registered early - Hope to see those who missed out next year.

Once a year usually around November, signwriters from all over New Zealand are joined by Australians, and one or two Americans and the odd European, to participate in the annual brushfest known as ‘Letterheads’.

At these events artisans and craftspeople from the various disciplines of signmaking congregate to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who is prepared to watch, listen, learn or experiment. It is in this way that an appreciation for the traditional craft of signmaking is passed on from the elder statesmen to the present practitioners to ensure that these arts and crafts are not lost to the digital age, and to this end all people with an artistic mind, an artistic hope or an artistic skill are welcome to register and attend.

Letterheads this year celebrates its twenty first staging and for this auspicious event we move to the South Island and the Garden City of Christchurch and the sign shop of Paul Walters, who has fast become an identity amongst the sign industry, so much so that his company is called Identity Signs!

Known for his passion of the brush and with an eye for design, in the ten odd years that Paul has been back in New Zealand after a decent stint in the UK, Paul has trained up a couple of apprentices (who’ve turned out pretty good) and established himself amongst his peers as a leader in his field.

Recently moving from a smallish premises to something a little larger, Paul is planning to put a mezzanine floor into his sign shop for the duration of Letterheads to expand the usable floor area and there’s talk of a marquee to add some further usable space, in any event you can be pretty much assured that the venue will meet the need.

Having said that, Paul needs to limit the registrations to 60 people for health and safety reasons so if you are planning to attend please don’t leave it until the last minute as you’ll end up being disappointed.

This will be the first Letterheads meet that Paul hosts but hopefully not the last.

Identity Signs Ltd,
Unit 22,
2 William Lewis Drive,
Christchurch 8042

The Letterheads Venue

Identity Signs L

YOUR HOST – Paul Walters

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21st Anniversary Letterheads will commence at 9.00am on Friday the 23rd and
conclude around 2.00pm on Sunday the 25th of November 2018