Once a year usually around November, signwriters from all over New Zealand are joined by Australians, and one or two Americans, to participate in the annual brushfest known as ‘Letterheads’.

At these events artisans and craftspeople from the various disciplines of signmaking congregate to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who is prepared to watch, listen, learn or experiment. It is in this way that an appreciation for the traditional craft of signmaking is passed on from the elder statesmen to the present practitioners to ensure that these arts and crafts are not lost to the digital age, and to this end all people with an artistic mind, an artistic hope or an artistic skill are welcome to register and attend.

The first of the Letterheads events to be held in New Zealand occurred in November of 1998 and was hosted by Chris Field of Field Sign Company Ltd and was held at his premises at 197 Marua Road in the Auckland suburb of Mt Wellington and some twenty-two-people attended that very first event. You’ll find some of the photos from this event elsewhere on this site.

The following year, 1999, Chris attended the second Letterheads meet in Whakatane and there the movement saw its first international attendees in the form of John Jordan, Paul Jordan and Brian Colwell, all from Jordan Signs in Sydney, Australia. Some thirty plus people attended this second event and the Letterheads movement has grown year-upon-year since those early days and Chris is one of a handful of people who have attended every single NZ Letterheads meeting. He has also attended about six meetings in Australia over the years.

Chris also hosted the tenth anniversary Letterheads meet and again you can find photos from this event elsewhere on this site. With this being the twentieth year of the Letterheads movement in New Zealand, Chris is once again happily

volunteering to host this milestone event where extremely talented, modest craftspeople and artisans gather to openly share their skills with any or all who care to ask for guidance.

Field Sign Co Ltd, 197 Marua Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1051Letterheads Venue

YOUR HOST – Chris Field

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20th Anniversary Letterheads will commence at 9.00am on Friday the 17th and
conclude around 2.00pm on Sunday the 19th of November 2017
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