Once a year usually around November, signwriters from all over New Zealand are joined by Australians, and one or two Americans and the odd European, to participate in the annual brushfest known as ‘Letterheads’.

At these events artisans and craftspeople from the various disciplines of signmaking congregate to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who is prepared to watch, listen, learn or experiment. It is in this way that an appreciation for the traditional craft of signmaking is passed on from the elder statesmen to the present practitioners to ensure that these arts and crafts are not lost to the digital age, and to this end all people with an artistic mind, an artistic hope or an artistic skill are welcome to register and attend.

Letterheads this year sees another first – Our first time in Taupo located on the shore of the caldera of the now extinct Taupo Volcano, and arguably the adventure capital of North Island New Zealand, known for its trout fishing, hot springs, winter ski fields, geothermal valleys and the famous Huka Falls near the head of the mighty Waikato River.

Our host, Bevan Weal, is a traditionally trained sign craftsman and well known in the Taupo district not only for his work but also his involvement with motocross and community involvement in general having even participated in a charity boxing match (which he won!)

Bevan had hoped to be hosting us in his new premises but the delays in building consents and approvals mean that we’ll be meeting in his Ashwood Avenue premises and while Bevan’s workshop is quite large, he will only be accepting 70 registrations for this year’s event, wanting to concentrate on a quality experience for all participants.

So if you are planning to attend please don’t leave it until the last minute as you’ll end up being disappointed.

This will be the first Letterheads meet that Bevan will be hosting but hopefully not the last.

Sign On Ltd,
1 Ashwood Avenue,
Taupo 3330

The Letterheads Venue

Identity Signs L

YOUR HOST – Bevan Weal

22nd Annual Letterheads will commence at 9.00am on Friday the 8th and
conclude around 3.00pm on Sunday the 10th of November 2019