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Purportedly as written by one of the American originators of the Letterheads movement hence authenticity (and intent) cannot be guaranteed !!

Tenet 1: Under no circumstances, and at no time, will any Letterhead defame, defile or in any other matter denigrate the reputation, skill, personality or business acumen of any fellow member…. Provided that he or she is within earshot.

Tenet 2: A Letterhead strives for uncompromising quality. A Letterhead never performs a job in less that the most craftsmanlike fashion, nor will he or she use less that the finest materials…. unless;

  • It was too cold.
  • You didn’t get enough for the job.
  • It was too hot.
  • You didn’t get enough for the job.
  • The paint didn’t work right.
  • You didn’t get enough for the job.
  • The customer was a jerk.
  • You didn’t get enough for the job.
  • You were late for a meet.
  • You didn’t get enough for the job.

Tenet 3: Five letters of the 26 that we use every day are of special significance to the Letterheads. They exemplify the creed. They teach us two important lessons. First, they help keep us humble when we have accomplished a task so well or created an object so beautiful that we’re tempted to consider our efforts superior to those of others or believe that we have reached the pinnacle of our careers.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, we use these letters to help us through the frequent hard times when, despite our best efforts and trying as hard as our abilities allow us, we fail to do a job as well as we’d hoped. They are: International Order of Artists, Fabricators and Signpainters. Or, unofficially, It’s Only A F**king Sign.