Once a year usually around October/November, signwriters from all over New Zealand are joined by Australians, and one or two Americans and the odd European, to participate in the annual family brushfest known as ‘Letterheads’.

At these events artisans and craftspeople from the various disciplines of signmaking congregate to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who is prepared to watch, listen, learn or experiment. It is in this way that an appreciation for the traditional craft of signmaking is passed on from the elder statesmen to the present practitioners to ensure that these arts and crafts are not lost to the digital age, and to this end all people with an artistic mind, an artistic hope or an artistic skill are welcome to register and attend.

Then of course, this damned COVID-19 showed up and stuffed the world so we’ve had to make some changes. For changes read that we’re winding the clock back and bought it all back to basics, a low one-price registration for all, everyone looks after their own accommodation, watering and feeding and we’ll supply the venue with a bunch of wall space, power and paint.

We’ll endeavour to provide some group activity but as you can see from the column on the right, sponsors are pretty hard to secure at this point in time, (and who can blame them, they’re trying to survive too).

Our host, Dean Johnstone, is known (dare I say it) internationally for his skills in developing themed business establishments and is an avid builder of anything quirky, especially if it has a connection to matters inter-terrestrial (the TARDIS, crashing flying saucers that feature on the news, pretty much anything Star Wars related, etc., etc.). He’s also a highly proficient, talented even, airbrush artist having won many awards to evidence the fact.

So if you are planning to attend please don’t leave it until the last minute as you could well end up being disappointed.

Dean has attended many Letterheads events in NZ and around the world over the years. This will be the first Letterheads meet that Dean has hosted but hopefully not the last.

The Letterheads Venue is:

Dream It Ltd,
15a Empire Road,
Christchurch 8083

Identity Signs L

Dean ‘Elvis’ Johnstone

These are our SPONSORS PLEASE support them

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23rd Annual Letterheads will commence at 9.00am on Friday the 16th and
conclude around 3.00pm on Sunday the 18th of October 2020