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Date : 26th - 28th October 2024

Taking place at the Ross Bros Muscle Car Museum (C&R Developments) in Cambridge, October 26-28th, the weekend will be automotive themed, so get pinstriping and painting.

There will be a mural for everyone to work on in Gary's workshop, if they so please. As well as plenty of panels available.

This year the gold will be a little different, as in keeping with the automotive theme we are focusing on surface gilding. Nigel will be giving an introduction on surface gilding and directional burnishing. Gold and panels will be provided (Gold by W&B), however feel free to gold what you want and ask plenty of questions. There will be a limit of 20 and it will only be a short informative session on the Saturday morning. 

Stacey Roper will also be showing the basics to pinstriping, so hear her out and give it a crack. Again, this is a short introduction to help you get started.  Get some practice in for the Pinstripe Race Track on Monday.

All dinners and lunches will be held on site, we believe it best to keep everyone at the venue and get that paint on. Computaleta will also be cooking up a BBQ breakfast on the Sunday/Monday to start your day. There will be coffee available.

There are plenty of experts around so feel free to pester them with any questions

Please respect the venue and understand it may not be available to all hours of the night, however we will be functioning until midnight. 

The car museum will be open to view during the day, however no paint is to enter the museum for obvious reasons.