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Letterheads 2024 will commence at: 9.00am on Saturday October 26th and conclude around 3.00pm on Monday the 28th of October 2023.

Please keep in mind that this year is SATURDAY til MONDAY on LABOUR WEEKEND unlike past years Friday-Sunday format. 

Please keep the Saturday to Monday in mind when booking flights and accommodation.

x1 Registration = $220

x1 Non Participant Registration = $220

x1 Apprentice Registration = $180 (2 registrations will be sponsored by the NZSDA)

Surface Gold Class = $10 extra (limit of 20 people)

T-Shirts = $35

Registrations will be counted once payment is made.
Limit of 60 people

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Account details. 

Account details: 06-0409-0020322-12

Account name: K A Cressy

Please put your name in the Particulars box and LH2024 in the Reference box when paying online.